A Sense Of Achievement

Hi All,

I’ve just been sat thinking about how far I have actually come and what I have achieved along the way and how I can make my life better and I have just come to the conclusion that I have got fantastic friends and family around me so I don’t really need to make my life better anymore, because well as long as I like my life, why does it matter if someone else doesn’t?

I’ll start with Primary school, I was always the shy kid at the back of the class, who just had one best friend and that was it, didn’t really say a lot just got on with my work and left the speaking to the other people in the class. Although when the opportunity came along to get up on stage later in my Primary School years I embraced the opportunity and got up on stage. I was also the kid that stood up in the leaver’s assembly and said that I wanted to be a teacher haha, how right I was…

Next came the Secondary school process, yep I was still sat at the back of the class, however, I also started to get bullied from not being interested in the same things that the other girls in my class were interested in, I came out as gay as well and that didn’t particularly go down very well. My dad also sadly passed away as well, however after going through all that I still managed to escape that place with seven GCSE’s under my belt to help me into the college course that I wanted to go to.

Then finally it’s college time! My college days were a lot brighter than my schooling days were, my college days I participated in discussions within the classroom, I also got top marks in my level 3 courses, then I was able to progress to another college to complete my foundation degree courses, which I achieved a Merit within both of these!!

Now the next chapter is looking like, Open University to complete my degree and then following that a Teacher Training Course teaching Computer Science at Secondary School level!

Phew, it’s safe to say that the future is looking bright and I can’t wait to share my summer adventures with you all, including of course Pride Festivals and Holidays to various places!

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PS: Don’t forget to add comments in the box below on what you are most looking forward to within the next few months, I will look forward to reading and replying to them all!

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You Know Who Your Friends Are


Sometimes the friends that you have around you are people who you care for, however sometimes these friends can be seen as more of a hindrance than a help, THIS is not true. Friends can come in useful when you are feeling down and depressed because these friends know how to truly make you feel happy and yourself again.

This is something that I, myself have come to realise, a few weeks ago now someone who I thought I loved and trusted walked out on me claiming that they didn’t have feelings for me anymore, however I now know some truths about the whole situation, that I sometimes wish I didn’t.

But even though through that difficult time, I had my friends and family around me and I no longer feel controlled anymore because I now feel like myself again, I feel like I can truly be me and that is down to a few friends and family members that I have around me and for that I am truly thankful for all their support. This whole story shows that you can make it through the situations that life throws at you, because you are built to be able to deal with certain problems!!!



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Hello world!

Hi All,

I intend to keep you all up to date with some of the goings on in my life as well as keep you all up to date with the recent technology that I have discovered. Furthermore I hope to help young people by the means of doing this blog, and I encourage anyone if they have any questions to please submit them to me in the comments box. I will endeavour to respond to any messages that I may receive as best as I can.

Happy blogging!