Being Me

Hi All,

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you all for liking and sharing my different blog posts, I am extremely grateful because this to me means a lot because I like to think that by me doing these different blog posts that I am helping some of you get through many challenging times of your lives.

Also I would like to add that if any of you would like to chat to me or anything like that I could do a Facebook live from my Facebook page, if any of you are interested in that just leave a comment below and get back to me, I am also open to the idea of doing an ‘Ask Jem’ session on my twitter feed, this is all so that I can get to know the readers of my blog better.

I would just like to inform you all of a little bit about me, I am just an ordinary person that likes to make a difference to other peoples lives by helping them out as much as possible and trying to make a gradual difference. This is why I attend the different Pride festivals up and down the country because I like to see the many different people that attend the pride festival, I like the fact that those festivals bring people together and let them socialise with other people and let them realise that they aren’t on their own.

Also could you please leave some feedback on my blog, because I would like to know what you would like me to do a post about next, I am always on the look out for more and more ideas.




My Pride Day

Hi all,

So I go on about LGBT Pride on this blog quite a bit, and I wanted to share with you an account of my day at a Pride festival the other day on the 29th of July. On this particular day myself and one of my best friends decided to go to our local LGBT Pride, we went a couple of years ago, but I didn’t go last year because unfortunately, I was ill on the day and couldn’t go. Although this year, I must admit I really really wanted to go, so I had decided way back in January that I was going this year and nothing was going to stop me.

So me and my best friend decided to go to Norwich pride, as this one is the only one near to us, so we got up bright and early and headed off into Norwich for about 11:00 am, which was just in time to see all of the different charity stalls and have a drink before the march started at 1:00 in the afternoon. I had forgotten what an incredible atmosphere it was to be involved in and to walk around all the stalls and see everyone in the city smiling and dressed in rainbows, these are the days that I will NEVER forget, as they mean something to everyone who is there during the day and taking part in the march.

Also, another thing about Norwich pride is that it is a free event so there are collection buckets scattered around during the day for people to donate money to the Norwich pride committee who are in charge of organising such a special day for the city. The march was absolutely incredible, the fact that lots of different LGBT people had gathered together to march through the gorgeous city of Norwich was absolutely outstanding in was fantastic! There were people waving pride flags, blowing whistles and not forgetting I could hear the sound of samba drums in the background.

Furthermore, the most important thing is that there were people there of all different ages and then there were families there with their children as well, that I really loved to see, but that’s how different Pride festivals should be because it shows people it is ok to be yourself and that you are not alone for being yourself.

That’s why pride to me is so important because it brings everyone together and also makes people realise that equality is a thing that is important to many different people, not just people of different sexual orientations, but people of different race and disabilities too!! That’s why this year it was important to celebrate the 50 years of homosexuality decriminalization, because it is the LGBT people who lived during that era that paved the way for us for equal rights now, because they were brave back then so now it’s our turn to do our bit for what we believe in!

I know I have ranted on in this blog, but it is something that is very important to me, but I will include some pic of last weekend to show what it was really like!

But if you have any comments or anything that you would like to add, don’t be afraid to leave a comment in the comments box below!

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50 Years of Decriminalisation

Hi, I realise it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog for you all to read, but I thought I would write a blog about marking the 50 years of homosexuality decriminalization within the UK. This is such an important milestone for every LGBT person living in Britain, because without this law being passed, then nothing else would have been possible for LGBT people to achieve.

For example before the law came into action LGBT people used to live in fear within the UK, they weren’t allowed to love the person that they wanted to love, this in itself was a crime towards LGBT people within Britain. For LGBT people living in Britain before this law was enacted means that they weren’t allowed to walk down the street hand in hand and, in some respects if someone was even suspected of being Gay then they were ‘outed’ in the local paper named as people who others should watch out for, because they might get hurt.

But look around and have a look how things have changed, there are now Pride festivals in most cities in the UK which are now used also as a political movement and to show young LGBT people that it is ok to be yourself and that people will accept you for who you are. However, this doesn’t mean that coming out is easy but there are many different websites that are now out there for young people to get help and tips for how to come out to your loved ones and the ones that you hold close to you.

This is why this year should be celebrated and marked in a way that can never be forgotten, because without LGBT people speaking out in the past, then LGBT people may not have been given the freedom that is loved by many LGBT people now that the different laws have changed.

Below comment on the different laws that have changed that have benefited you in some way, in order to try to start a discussion as this page should be almost like a community for many people to be able to chat to and get to know other people.

Alan Turing
Alan Turing who was prosecuted for gross indecency.




Why Pride?

Hi People,

So this post is a lot different from one that I would normally do, and this is because it is a question that gets asked either a lot on social media or over YouTube whenever someone who is gay chooses to do a Q and A with their followers, so I thought that I should voice my own opinion on this matter.

This year Pride is more important than ever it has now been 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK, therefore LGBT+ people can now be themselves and even get married within the UK. However 50 years ago things were very different, LGBT couples couldn’t walk down the streets hand in hand, nor could they even dream of getting married one day, this has now all changed but back then it was seen as a taboo and could get you arrested for public indecency, so LGBT people lived their lives as a lie so to speak because they couldn’t be true to who they were because of the laws.

The case of the way things were within the UK 50 years ago still exists today within some countries across the globe, people still get killed for being gay in some countries and in other countries it’s almost like a manhunt if you are even suspected of being gay they try to hunt you down.

This to me is why we still need Pride in this country, not just to support LGBT people in the UK but elsewhere in the world, where being LGBT is like living a prison sentence, because of how they are treated and how they are made to feel by their government. So Pride today exists still very much as a political event, but even more so as a celebration for how far our laws within the UK have changed towards LGBT people.

Please voice your opinions as well in the comments below, as I would love to hear what you also have to say on Pride.

That’s all for now

Happy Pride



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Drones- The Amazing Uses

Hi All,

As you all should know by now from reading the other posts on my blog, I am big into technology and the amazing uses it can have for everyday life, one of the big pieces of coming of age technology at the moment is the uses that drones can have to make life easier for either medical professionals, delivery services and even the different Police Services that we have here in the UK.

All of this information fascinates me because I just love working with technology and discovering new technology as and when it comes out for us to actually play with and have fun with it. Although many teenagers and young adults also have access to these drones, as they can be seen like a more expensive remote controlled helicopter or car, Blog Post 16.1however, they can be quite different to these and that largely depends on whether they have cameras on or not. For example, say a child or teenager has one of these drones and they decided to fly it within their garden and look over their neighbour’s fence, do you think that this would be appropriate, an invasion of privacy perhaps? But this can be seen differently if the child or teenager were to use the drone in an open space, like the local park or somewhere like that, then it would be totally different because it’s an open public space, not someone’s backyard that they would be looking into, which could be seen as someone’s private space.

Following on from this, although the drones may have their bad points and the previous point that I stated was a bad point against them, they do also serve a purpose, for example did you know that they could be used in order to be able to help a delivery service, medical practitioners and the Police Service. How? You may ask, well that is what I am about to explain below.

Use 1- Medical Practitioners

Drones have been used in the Medical Profession since the year 2012, because they found that although their battery only lasted for about an hour, they could travel up to 20 miles in that time and, that would normally beat the speed of the Emergency Services getting to people who are either seriously hurt or in cardiac arrest. But over the years, the speed and the battery life of these drones have got quicker and therefore they are able to travel for much longer distances, making sure that they get to where they have got to go. The use of cameras on these drones is also helpful, as the person on the other end of the phone can only give a rough guide as to where they are, so if this is the case, then the drone will still be able to spot them if they do only give a rough guide as to where the patient is located.

Use 2- Delivery Service

Currently over in America and some parts of the UK, Amazon are using drones in order to be able to deliver parcels to people quicker that using an ordinary carrier delivery service, because a carrier delivery would have to go through all of the different processes in order to check if the parcel was the correct parcel with the right address on to be able to be sent to the right person. However, if the drones are used then they can be sent straight from Amazon in order to make sure that the customers delivery gets there quicker and easier that using a Carrier delivery service. Then the cameras on the drones are used so that then the operator knows where the drone needs to leave the parcel on behalf of Amazon.

Use 3- Policing

This is currently something that is being tested in the area that I live in because although we don’t get a lot of crime in this area, the police are using the different drones, in order to do their on the beat walks. The cameras on the different drones locate someone doing something that they shouldn’t be and of course then the police operating the drone then sees the crime being committed and then they send a member of the Police force out to that particular area, so they can be used in order to make sure that there is still a police presence around when it’s needed in all areas.

So there you have it, a quick sum up of how drones can be useful and how they may not be as useful as some might think, please leave comments in the box below as I think that this is a really interesting topic.







International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Hi All,

You may not know it, but today is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, this was originally celebrated in order to totally eradicate the idea of torture altogether on the 12th of December 1997 and this day also stands against other inhumane treatment that people shouldn’t have to go through.

This day is also where people are remembered for some of the most terrible things that they have been through in their lives. This event this year to me is now more important than ever, due to the recent events that have taken place, in Manchester and of course more recently London, even though these events were dealt with what happened whilst the events were taking place could be deemed as torture for the many victims that have been effected.

Also people have suffered torture throughout history, suffering some of the most brutal punishments for crimes that were committed that we now no longer see as crimes, an example of this would be what Alan Turing went through, even though some of the work that he did saved us during the war, this didn’t seem to count for anything once it had been discovered that he was gay and then he was sentenced to chemical castration, before he committed suicide by cyanide poisoning. It was years after his death in 1954 that he finally received a pardon from the Prime Minister (Gordon Brown) in 2013 for the act of sexual indecency that he apparently committed. To me when someone does work to save the country(as he did) this shouldn’t have mattered to anyone wha he was doing behind closed doors, but of course it did and now thankfully his work lives on and still continues to this day within the different computer systems that we use on a day-to-day basis.

Different forms of torture still occurs even now across the globe and it is so important that we remember that whilst we may be in countries that are fortunate to have the things that we have around us, some people haven’t got the things that we take for granted in our country. To them our country would seem marvellous because they wouldn’t be able to even begin to comprehend what we’ve got over here in our countries.

Please as usual if you have got any more opinions on this subject or if you just want to share more details below in the comments, please feel free!



No violence




Apple Updates

Hi all,

As you all have probably guessed by now, being an Apple geek comes naturally to me in fact as I sit in my favourite chair in the living room I am typing this on my most treasured possession, my Apple Mac. One of the main reasons for my love of Apple are the updates that occur every once in a while, because these updates make it actually feel like you are holding a new mobile phone, which if you are an Apple geek you count down the days until the next update is released.

However, the release doesn’t come straight away, there’s normally a keynote first several weeks before the eventual release date, and this year was no exception talking about the new IOS features for the iPhones. Although this IOS is reported to be quite different from the previous IOS versions, Apple has again remained consistent with their naming conventions, because this IOS version is called IOS 11, so all the different IOS versions remain in a consecutive order to make it easier for users to be able to follow their update patterns.

The big update that comes with the latest IOS is the major improvement within the App store, this makes the App store look more organised much like the way in which the News app is designed and also the music application was redesigned to incorporate Apple Music for Apple’s many users. Apple seem like they are trying to make their products and software easier to use by making all of the apps look and feel more organised and fluid whilst the user is using them.

blog post 11.1
The newly designed App Store

Also the lock screen and the different notifications that users receive from the different applications on their phone have now been combined into one screen, again making it much easier for the many users Apple has when they come to use their mobile phones or their iPad’s as well.

The Apple control centre has now also been redesigned to make the whole look of the control centre more customisable for the user, this is so that then whilst using the iPhone the user has a more personalised experience, because their phone down to a certain point won’t be the same as the people that they are sitting next to on the train or the bus or wherever for that matter. This could also be seen as Apple trying to make more changes to the usability of the iPhone or iPad, because people tend to find things easier to work if they are fully customised to them and the way that they work.

Another feature that has been updated within the IOS is the Messages app, one of the updates that has taken place with this is that there is a new app drawer, which contains more stickers that are able to be placed anywhere next to a message within the messages app. Next there is also a feature that lets contacts pay their contacts with Apple Pay within the app, this means that there is very little need for bank transfers these days like they used to be. In addition to this there is also iCloud for messages that’ll sync all of your messages across to all of your IOS devices across the home. Then there is the genius invention of a thumb type keyboard, this means that you will finally be able to type, just by using your thumb, the keyboard moves across closer to the thumb that they use to type with.

blog post 11.2
Thumb type Keyboard

Furthermore, the maps app has been updated as well, now there is lane guidance within the App, as well as this if the user is within a well-known busy shopping centre, then the maps app has now also got indoor navigation as well, so this means that people won’t get lost going around shopping centres again. In addition to this, your phone will now also be able to check when you’re driving, therefor you’re not getting any notifications whilst you are driving, so there are no distractions.

blog post 11.3

That’s about it for the IOS 11 update on the iPhone, although it is coming on the iPad as well but the changes to me don’t seem as big on the iPad.

As always comment in the box below with your favourite feature of IOS 11 and what you are most looking forward to with the new update.

That’s all for now, stay safe and take care






Mental Abuse

Hi all,

So this is a difficult one for me, I have been in many different and both difficult situations.

The first is one that I rarely open up about and this is where I was sexually abused when I was a teenager by my next door neighbour. He disguised himself as a family friend, but he used to blackmail me and say that I had to do something that he wanted like not put a DVD on or he would kiss me. This made me feel like I was constantly not doing anything right and at times it actually felt to me as though I was encouraging it. 

When this situation was finally reported, it felt to me as though I had got to accept being abused for many different reasons because there were times when I felt so disgusting and as though I was worthless. He was at the time in his 70’s and just the thought of it again even now makes me feel sick.

Another situation that I have been is is actually just recently when my partner actually controlled me to the extent of, I was separated from the people that I love and care for simply because she made it seem like the easiest thing to do, but only now do I see this is because she simply wanted me to herself. This again made me feel the worst that I have ever felt, also everything that I did she made me feel that I had done something wrong, I also couldn’t do some of the things that I loved to do. 

The first example of abuse that I have given was purely physical abuse and then the second was mental abuse. Abusers are often disguised as people who care for you and often people that you grow to like or even love.

If you have been affected by anything like this, please don’t suffer in silence you really really don’t need to.

LGBT Pride Month

Heya all,

I thought I would do a little post on the LGBT Pride Month, this pride month is to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. Although many people still don’t know why LGBT people still need a Pride festival all these years down the line, and yes of course I know the answer to that and this answer is very simple… it is to celebrate not being criminalised anymore for loving the people that they want to love, if fact this year (2017) we celebrate 50 years of homosexual decriminalization. So this year more than any other year the Pride festivals couldn’t be more relevant.

I can still remember going to my first Pride festival, I was scared and nervous because I didn’t know what to expect to be quite honest with you, although I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it because everyone came together and joined in the massive parade that went around the city centre, everyone was laughing and smiling as well as singing along to whatever music was playing at the time. There were couples of Mums with their children dressed in rainbows and couples of Dads with their children dressed really smartly too, it was a pleasure to be part of it and to feel proud of the community that I belong to.

If this year or any year is your first pride festival, don’t be scared or nervous like I was, be happy and be prod to be part of our wonderful community. Also please feel free to share your Pride Festival memories in the comments below!!

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Prayers for Manchester

Hi People,

You may or may not have heard about the tragic news of late, which is that on the 22nd of May 2017 at 10:30pm an explosion was heard throughout Manchester as a bomb was detonated at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. Many children and adults went missing, as they were caught up in the escape out of the Arena, this was heartbreaking for many and my heart does indeed go out to Manchester and to those that suffered the loss of someone  close to them.

This was indeed an act of cowardice, the idea that someone would attack the young people who were attending that concert is sickening, I have no other words to describe this attack.

The week after the attack, the UK’s terror threat level rose to critical, this caused fear among many people, even those that said that they didn’t want to live their lives in fear. I myself was meant to attend a Birmingham Pride event, but I didn’t feel as though I could mainly because of the threat level at that time. This for me was a heartbreaking decision because I love going to those events and those events are my life, when I am there I am caught up in the mayhem and the marching and I love it, it makes me feel proud to belong to an amazing and such a loving community.

Please feel free to comment underneath and post your views on this true act of cowardice that took place.

Pray for Manchester

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Don’t forget the benefit concert that is going to be featured on BBC One within the UK on Sunday the 4th of June.