Happy 20 Years of Potter!

Hi All,

So it would only be right if I did this post to mark a special birthday today and that is 20 years since the Philosophers Stone has been released to us awaiting Potterheads. I can’t believe how much Harry Potter now means to all of us in a way, it sends out a message that we all need to know from a young age, and that is the difference between good and evil, because as kids I know I did this, I thought everyone was decent and that no-one was a bad person. So this was a well-learnt lesson that Harry Potter taught most people who read the books and watched the films.

Also, the books and films encouraged families of all ages to read and watch the Harry Potter stories come to life, this then encouraged different people on world book days within schools to dress up as their favourite Harry Potter characters from both the books and the films. This was one of my favourite events throughout the year, because I loved to watch people come into the school world book day assembly wearing their favourite characters costume, it was fantastic seeing people walking into the hall with the same pride their character would have if they were to walk into the Great Hall of Hogwarts if they were in the books or the films.

Then not forgetting the Premiers and Book launches that the Harry Potter series gave us, people used to camp outside bookstores and they also used to camp in Leicester Square in London days before the actual premier used to take place, just so that then they could be among the first people to get a picture and an autograph with their favourite Potter star. This would give everyone a sense of achievement if they managed to get memorabilia like this from the premiere of the Harry Potter Series.

Furthermore, J.K Rowling used to do readings of her new book at the Natural History Museum in London for all her fans to go down and listen to her read a few pages from the latest Harry Potter book from the series. I used to sit and watch programs like Newsround that used to do a coverage of the reading for those people who couldn’t always make it to the readings of the different books.

I hope you lot have enjoyed this post today, please feel free to celebrate along with me today and post your favourite Potter moments in the comments below, let’s get our own community going through this blog!



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Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazars Revenge

Hi all, I know it’s been a while since I have written to you all, however I would ove to share this quick review with you all, as I absolutely love this film, this film is amazing. So the other week, I took mum to the cinema to see the last Pirates of the Caribbean film, we both like these films as it was one of my dads favourite film series to watch on TV, so it makes us feel closer to him, also the films are a bloody good laugh.

This film is quite dark in places because it opens where the son of William Turner is trying to save his dad from a curse at sea, then he needs something from Captain Jack Sparrow in order to be able to help save his dad, then they go in search of a missing artefact that can free pirates at sea who have had curses cast upon them. So naturally in pure pirates of the Carribean style they all go off together in search of this artefact, there is plenty of humour and action within this film in order to give everyone a proper laugh when the film starts. 

However dark this film maybe, it is still suitable for all the family as the humour from Captain Jack Sparrow dulls down all of the dark bits within the film, I have loved this film so much that I have seen it twice so far and I am eager to see it a third time. It’s been years since I’ve loved a film quite so much, but this film I love. 

I will include a clip of the trailer below this post so that then you too can see what I mean when I say it is a really amazing film. If you have also been to see this film, please don’t hesitate to comment within the box below what you also thought to the film as well.

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That’s all for now folks  

Jem xx

Twilight Saga Film and Book review

Hi all,

It’s me again, this time following on from my last blog post, I would like to mention the other series that I am also a fan of, I first got into Twilight when the first film came on to the silver screen then I followed watching the first Twilight film by reading the other books that are also in the Saga.

From the very first page the Twilight Saga encapsulated me, the whole idea of a quiet girl moving from Phoenix to Forks to be able to live with her father and then the way that she almost becomes dragged in by the Cullen’s, it’s almost as if it was meant to happen, like fate. The scene in both the book and the film where Bella goes to meet the Cullen’s is fantastic, because it brings in the idea of Vampires actually making an effort to use their kitchen for the first time in order to be able to feed their human guest, this is actually quite ironic considering that Bella has actually already eaten.

It’s the comedy and the erratic charm of all of the different books that charmed me into reading the other books and getting me into the films as well (nothing to do with Ashley Greene of course(Alice)), it might have helped of course that I was into Vampires and all things scary gothic at the time, it seemed strange that I was a goth and most of either the Vampire TV programs and then the Twilight Saga being out in the cinemas as well seemed quite strange but brilliant because I could just drift from watching one thing to another.

Why don’t you leave comments about your favourite Twilight moments in the comments box below?

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Harry Potter Review Book and Film Franchise

Hi Peeps,

As some of you who know me well enough will know that, I am a massive Harry Potter fan and I know most of the words from the films and when they are said (geeky I know), I have been a Harry Potter fan ever since my mum suggested picking up the books and reading them to my in bed. I struggled to get into them like this though and I asked her if the first two films were out on video (too young for DVD’s back then) and she said that they were, so the following day we went to the Car Boot and picked up the first two films on video, got back home and sat and watched them both, needless to say I loved them right from the opening sequences. From then on in I fell in love with the magical world on the TV that I use to watch every know and then.

Then along came the books, I started reading the books one after another by myself in my room and I fell in love with those as well and I found my¬†love of books at the same time, and I couldn’t wait until the Half Blood Prince came out, so I went and pre-ordered a copy at our local Waterstone’s book store, just so that then I could have my own first-edition copy of this new book that I just couldn’t wait to start reading. Once I got my hands on this copy, I went home and started reading it as soon as I got the book through the door. Then I did the same thing when the last Harry Potter book was released, I hated finishing the last page of this book because it felt as though the end had come far too soon.

However, then the Warner Brothers Studio Tour came along, and I watched the progress of the Studio Tour on the internet and I just knew that when the studio tour opened, that I had to go and get tickets straight away, so on the day that the tickets were released my mum was on the phone all day right from nine am just so that she could get tickets. We managed to get tickets for a fortnight after the official opening of the Studio Tour. When I arrived at the Studio Tour, I remember walking into the entrance and just being absolutely speechless at everything being there in real life just like I had been watching on the TV already for so many years. Then walking into the Great Hall I was just so shell-shocked that I don’t think I spoke, I just couldn’t believe where I was standing. It’s safe to say that I will always remember that first visit to the Studio Tour with fond memories, I can’t tell you how much that day meant to me.

Now the Harry Potter Series has gone onto the West End Stage with Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, that is my next goal to go and see, I can’t wait to see that, I read the screenplay book that was released and just loved it nearly as much as I did the rest of the Harry Potter books.

Please feel free to comment below and tell me how much Harry Potter means to you, also if you have been to the Studio Tour or the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play tell me how it was for you and if you enjoyed it or not?

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