Happy 20 Years of Potter!

Hi All,

So it would only be right if I did this post to mark a special birthday today and that is 20 years since the Philosophers Stone has been released to us awaiting Potterheads. I can’t believe how much Harry Potter now means to all of us in a way, it sends out a message that we all need to know from a young age, and that is the difference between good and evil, because as kids I know I did this, I thought everyone was decent and that no-one was a bad person. So this was a well-learnt lesson that Harry Potter taught most people who read the books and watched the films.

Also, the books and films encouraged families of all ages to read and watch the Harry Potter stories come to life, this then encouraged different people on world book days within schools to dress up as their favourite Harry Potter characters from both the books and the films. This was one of my favourite events throughout the year, because I loved to watch people come into the school world book day assembly wearing their favourite characters costume, it was fantastic seeing people walking into the hall with the same pride their character would have if they were to walk into the Great Hall of Hogwarts if they were in the books or the films.

Then not forgetting the Premiers and Book launches that the Harry Potter series gave us, people used to camp outside bookstores and they also used to camp in Leicester Square in London days before the actual premier used to take place, just so that then they could be among the first people to get a picture and an autograph with their favourite Potter star. This would give everyone a sense of achievement if they managed to get memorabilia like this from the premiere of the Harry Potter Series.

Furthermore, J.K Rowling used to do readings of her new book at the Natural History Museum in London for all her fans to go down and listen to her read a few pages from the latest Harry Potter book from the series. I used to sit and watch programs like Newsround that used to do a coverage of the reading for those people who couldn’t always make it to the readings of the different books.

I hope you lot have enjoyed this post today, please feel free to celebrate along with me today and post your favourite Potter moments in the comments below, let’s get our own community going through this blog!



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Book Review- Giovanna Fletcher

Hi Readers,

As some of you who know me will know, I am an avid bookworm and have been for years, this is mainly because when I have got things going on in my life, I like to put technology aside and pick up a book, this then allows me to be able to escape into another world and I can then drift into other people’s problems.

So throughout the recent months I have been very gradually working my way through Giovanna Fletcher’s novels that she has written and it is safe to say that I love them all so far, however I haven’t read ‘Dream a Little Dream’ yet, I may have to get round to that one very soon. Although that while I have read all of them apart from this one, I have to say that ‘Billy and Me’ and ‘Always with Love’ are my favourites and I think that is mainly because I can relate to the main character in that she used to be very shy, until she met a dear friend that gradually opened her up to reveal her true personality.

Which is exactly what happened with me, throughout my life so far I have met very different people who have allowed me to open up and be who I really am, I have literally gone from being that shy girl in the corner to being someone who very rarely shuts up when she wants to get her point across. So that is why I can relate to these two books in particular, so well done Giovanna!! It normally takes a lot to make me not want to put a book down, in the past its been either the ‘Twilight Saga’ by Stephanie Meyer or the ‘Harry Potter Series’ by J.K Rowling.

So for those of you who have not read Giovanna Fletcher’s books you can get your hands on them by using the following link https://www.waterstones.com/books/search/term/giovanna+fletcher ūüôā

I am also going to include a quote from ‘Billy and Me’ as well:

“I¬†stop breathing as Billy slowly leans¬†forward and plants his lusciously soft lips on mine. All other thoughts in my head are quickly swept away, as my¬†mind and body are taken over by the intimately delicious moment.”