Mother and Daughter Day

  Hi all, Just thought I would update you all on what I did the other day with mum, me and mum don't really get to spend that much time together because mum cares a lot for other people, so on Wednesday, I decided to take her out for the morning. But I felt like … Continue reading Mother and Daughter Day


You Are Who You Are

Hi all, We are all individuals and we all dress, act and sound different when we talk, but this is no reason to try and make every one of us the same, we can't all be the same because that would be impossible. I know for a fact that when I was at school I … Continue reading You Are Who You Are

Being Me

Hi All, Firstly I just wanted to say thank you all for liking and sharing my different blog posts, I am extremely grateful because this to me means a lot because I like to think that by me doing these different blog posts that I am helping some of you get through many challenging times … Continue reading Being Me

Family Days

Hi All, You may ask throughout your life whilst you move along throughout the years of why is family so important? You may also take certain family members for granted without even realising it. It is one of the best times for me when I have family down to stay over because me, Mum and … Continue reading Family Days

My Role Models

Hi all, We all have those friends that we keep close to us and the celebrities that we watch on TV, but how many of those people do you class as Role Models when they probably should be, perhaps you admire them for something or perhaps you look up to them, well any of those … Continue reading My Role Models

My Pride Day

Hi all, So I go on about LGBT Pride on this blog quite a bit, and I wanted to share with you an account of my day at a Pride festival the other day on the 29th of July. On this particular day myself and one of my best friends decided to go to our … Continue reading My Pride Day