Prayers for Manchester

Hi People,

You may or may not have heard about the tragic news of late, which is that on the 22nd of May 2017 at 10:30pm an explosion was heard throughout Manchester as a bomb was detonated at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. Many children and adults went missing, as they were caught up in the escape out of the Arena, this was heartbreaking for many and my heart does indeed go out to Manchester and to those that suffered the loss of someone  close to them.

This was indeed an act of cowardice, the idea that someone would attack the young people who were attending that concert is sickening, I have no other words to describe this attack.

The week after the attack, the UK’s terror threat level rose to critical, this caused fear among many people, even those that said that they didn’t want to live their lives in fear. I myself was meant to attend a Birmingham Pride event, but I didn’t feel as though I could mainly because of the threat level at that time. This for me was a heartbreaking decision because I love going to those events and those events are my life, when I am there I am caught up in the mayhem and the marching and I love it, it makes me feel proud to belong to an amazing and such a loving community.

Please feel free to comment underneath and post your views on this true act of cowardice that took place.

Pray for Manchester

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Don’t forget the benefit concert that is going to be featured on BBC One within the UK on Sunday the 4th of June.

Movie Review – Pride 2014

Hi all,

So this time round, I thought I would write a Review on a film that really stood out to me and members of my family when they also watched the film with me at the cinema.

As part of the LGBT community myself, I had to go and see this film and it didn’t let me down, it showed how the LGBT community helped the Miners during the Miners strike, this film truly shows how the LGBT Community does stand together in order to combat the different challenges that are thrown their way.

A film with truly brilliant comedy and fills the room with Pride, this is also a true story that people need to know in order to be able to recognise the fight that took place so that then everyone could win equality for each of their own communities. This is a perfect film for the whole family to see and perfect for children to watch for their history lessons at school, because many  adults didn’t know that this many people got involved with the Miners Strike.

In order to conclude this review it is only right that I include a link to the trailer for the film and a link where you will be able to get the DVD from as well.


You can buy the DVD here :

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Apple iPhone 7 Review

Hi all,

Ok first things first, I love Apple products and I don’t slate them because of how quick they run, I even saved up in order to be able to purchase an Apple Watch that I love and couldn’t be without, this is because all of my texts and even calls come up on the watch face meaning that wherever I am I can always see who’s calling me at whatever time they are calling as well.

Anyway when the iPhone 7 came out, I jumped straight on the bandwagon and looked into purchasing one, I eventually got one, however I quickly found a problem that occurs whenever I am listening to music and my phone battery is running low and that is that there is no Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 and this means that I can’t charge my phone and listen to music at the same time because they both use the lightning charging port.

Although apart from that I love the iPhone 7 it is much quicker and is much nicer than the iPhone 6 that I used to have because that was starting to slow down, making it difficult to use because sometimes it would freeze as well, although being as young as I am as you can imagine I used to use it every second of every single day especially with blogging, Twitter and Facebook.

If you own an iPhone 7 or indeed a different iPhone why don’t you post your comments in the box below and I will reply if and when I get the chance.

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Book Review- Giovanna Fletcher

Hi Readers,

As some of you who know me will know, I am an avid bookworm and have been for years, this is mainly because when I have got things going on in my life, I like to put technology aside and pick up a book, this then allows me to be able to escape into another world and I can then drift into other people’s problems.

So throughout the recent months I have been very gradually working my way through Giovanna Fletcher’s novels that she has written and it is safe to say that I love them all so far, however I haven’t read ‘Dream a Little Dream’ yet, I may have to get round to that one very soon. Although that while I have read all of them apart from this one, I have to say that ‘Billy and Me’ and ‘Always with Love’ are my favourites and I think that is mainly because I can relate to the main character in that she used to be very shy, until she met a dear friend that gradually opened her up to reveal her true personality.

Which is exactly what happened with me, throughout my life so far I have met very different people who have allowed me to open up and be who I really am, I have literally gone from being that shy girl in the corner to being someone who very rarely shuts up when she wants to get her point across. So that is why I can relate to these two books in particular, so well done Giovanna!! It normally takes a lot to make me not want to put a book down, in the past its been either the ‘Twilight Saga’ by Stephanie Meyer or the ‘Harry Potter Series’ by J.K Rowling.

So for those of you who have not read Giovanna Fletcher’s books you can get your hands on them by using the following link 🙂

I am also going to include a quote from ‘Billy and Me’ as well:

“I stop breathing as Billy slowly leans forward and plants his lusciously soft lips on mine. All other thoughts in my head are quickly swept away, as my mind and body are taken over by the intimately delicious moment.”


You Know Who Your Friends Are


Sometimes the friends that you have around you are people who you care for, however sometimes these friends can be seen as more of a hindrance than a help, THIS is not true. Friends can come in useful when you are feeling down and depressed because these friends know how to truly make you feel happy and yourself again.

This is something that I, myself have come to realise, a few weeks ago now someone who I thought I loved and trusted walked out on me claiming that they didn’t have feelings for me anymore, however I now know some truths about the whole situation, that I sometimes wish I didn’t.

But even though through that difficult time, I had my friends and family around me and I no longer feel controlled anymore because I now feel like myself again, I feel like I can truly be me and that is down to a few friends and family members that I have around me and for that I am truly thankful for all their support. This whole story shows that you can make it through the situations that life throws at you, because you are built to be able to deal with certain problems!!!



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A quote that really relates 🙂